Within the framework of LINKSUP Project, which main objective is to improve the competitiveness of the start-up of the SUDOE space, one of the recurring problems encountered in companies in the whole of this territory is the difficulty of access to financing.

Startups are funded by different sources; contributions from entrepreneurs, business angels, companies for start-up capital and venture capital, and public programs favoring these types of emerging companies. Each of the regional institutions involved in supporting the Links Up project provides services to inform on the means of financing implemented.

Furthermore, sharing the methodologies used – as well as sharing the opportunities of each partner region and country – will make it possible to create a map of transnational funding opportunities for the creation and improvement of the services offered to the entrepreneurs.

Links up Works on the transfer of good practices, where each one of the regions participating in the LINKS UP project have carried out benchmarking actions on the existence of funding support services in this territories and other SUDOE or European regions.

The exchange of experiences will improve knowledge and practices, but also lead to the creation and development of tools on a transnational scale, which will encourage the reinforcement of actions for start ups and encourage more exchanges between regions and other territories.





In Spanish, French and Portuguese.



In Spanish, French and Portuguese.



In Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.



Map of standard and alternative finance instruments





Presented at the seminar in Murcia

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