Links Up at the Summer University of e-Health


The European Links Up project has participated in the Summer University of e-Health, which has taken from 3th to 5th July in Castres (Occitania). During these days, three companies in the e-health sector have been able to present their innovative proposals in a showcase of e-Health companies located in the Hôpital du Pays d’Autan. Cella (from Murcia), Apploading (from the Balearic Islands) and the Uphill (from Portugal) have deserved the attention of the visitors and have been able to do networking.

Besides, during the last day of their stay in Castres, the six companies selected by Links Up in Covilhã have been able to pitch in front of a talent pool of experts, receive advice and exchange points of view. The companies that have participated in this activity, four of e-health and two of e-tourism, are Cella, Apploading, Uphill and Medexprim (e-health) and La Mochila and Paddle in Spain (e-tourism). Drónica has also participated through FUERM.

This edition of the Summer University of e-Health has taken in the Hôpital du Pays d’Autan and the ISIS School of Engineering, specialized in e-Health solutions.